Biotraka Aware

That your pet is getting the
exercise they need


knowing what they are up to
when you are not with them

Peace of mind

Biotraka Aware has the longest
battery life available

Nurture Through Knowledge

Activity Insight

Clear, insightful monitoring of your pet’s activity.

Real-time Location

Anytime, anywhere, not just when they are in WiFi range.

Lifestyle Proof

Robust, waterproof with the longest battery life.

Informative App

View activity levels and location at a glance.

Activity Tracking

Exercise is as important to your pet’s physical and mental health as it is to yours. Monitor and compare your pet’s activity across a range of timeframes.


Provides insight into key metrics for a healthier lifestyle.


The correct amount of low energy exercise is as important as high level exercise.


Track sleep and the quality of sleep to make sure they are getting enough rest.

Multiple Location Services

The Biotraka Aware uses a combination of three different geolocation technologies to ensure you can locate your pet anytime, anywhere. PLUS, a Safe Zone around your house, or when in unfamiliar surroundings, will alert you if your pet leaves.

  1. GPS – the most accurate and will place the location to within 10 – 20 metres of the tracker’s location.
  2. Wi-Fi Positioning – uses Wi-Fi networks to derive location. More accurate than LBS and provides an approximate location between 200 – 600 metres.
  3. Location Based Services (LBS) – uses mobile phone tower triangulation to derive an approximate location of between 400 – 1500 metres.

Mobile coverage is required to transmit this data from your pet to your mobile phone.

biotraka device

Lifestyle Proof

Biotraka Aware is built to survive your pet’s and your lifestyle. Biotraka Aware is robust, waterproof and has the longest battery life available so it can look after you rather than you needing to look after it.

Informative App

At a glance, you can checkout and compare activity levels, see where your pet is and set all related reminders, receive alerts  through the easy to use calendar.


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