Activity Tracking

The Biotraka Aware contains a very sensitive accelerometer which measures not only when your dog is active, but the intensity of your pet’s activity. This can then be displayed in your app as either run, walk or rest. 


1000+ steps/30 mins


500-1000 steps/30 mins


0-500 steps/30 mins


Too busy to walk the dog?

Dog walkers and Puppy Play Schools are growing in popularity since they provide your pet with the socialisation and exercise you may not be able to give them yourself if you have a busy lifestyle.

The Biotraka allows you to monitor not only where your pet has been but if their exercise targets are being met, giving you the ability to take an active role in their daily life even when you can’t be there yourself.

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See it all

Through the app, you have complete visibility of your pet’s activity each day. 

The rings at the top display today’s activity by intensity whilst the bar graphs below give you an opportunity to view activity by the hour and compare this information with previous days or weeks. 


Just like humans, as dogs recover from illness, injury or surgery its important to monitor their progress and ensure they are they are taking it slow.

The Biotraka allows you to monitor daily activity and share progress with your vet overtime to ensure the best possible recovery for your loved ones.