Why Biotraka

Activity Levels

To stay healthy it’s vital to ensure your pet receives sufficient activity. Biotraka Aware captures the activity levels of your pet & allows comparisons over different time periods.

24/7 Location Anywhere Anytime

Biotraka Aware’s unique technology allows you to pick up the strongest signal from any telco provider, giving you the best coverage available to monitor your pet’s location.

Fits all Collars

Use your pet’s favourite collar with Biotraka Aware’s universal mounting silicone sleeve made from inert silicone, which won’t irritate your pet’s skin, is tough and UV resistant.


All functions and tracking as well as activity levels are included in a simple to use app for your smartphone for both Apple and Android.


Receive alerts to your phone when your pet leaves its safe zone

Longest Battery Life

Biotraka Aware offers the longest battery life of any pet GPS wearable in the market today

Calendar Alerts

Set and receive alerts from the inbuilt calendar for your next vet appointment or tick, heart-worm medications.

What you get?

Size: 58 x 42 x 15 mm.

Weight: 49 grams

Environmental: Waterproof to IP67 rating. Built to like water as much as your pet does.

Locating Tech:
LBS – mobile tower triangulation; very approximate
Wi-Fi – approximate
GPS – accurate

Connection: 3G spectrum uses the strongest telco network available.

Battery Life: Biotraka Aware has the longest battery life of any pet GPS wearable in the market today (battery life is dependant on settings, usage and environment).

Charging time: Up to 1 hour via USB charger (dependant on type of charger).

Locating time: 1–2 minutes for GPS location (standard GPS requirements apply).

Carry case: Includes a carabiner clip which allows you to clip it on to your lead or belt. Only included in orders placed directly through the Biotraka website.

Charger Lead: Attaches magnetically to the back of your device

Silicone Sleeve: Used to mount the device onto your pets’ favourite lead.

Get Started Card: Gets you up and running quickly, download the full user manual from our website.