Dog Locator

At Biotraka we provide simple, life proof and convenient ways to empower pet owners. Allowing you to monitor your pet’s location and activity whilst taking a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing.

Tri Locator

The Biotraka Aware uses our unique tri-locator system to pick up the strongest signal available at the time from either GPS, WIFI and LBS signals.

No range limit

Unlike other pet trackers, the Biotraka Aware will work anywhere there this is mobile coverage, regardless of how close or far away you are from your pet.  

Safe Zones

The Biotraka app allows you to set unlimited safe zones for your pet. If they leave this area a notification is sent to your phone right away. 

Informative App

Our free app allows you to track their location at a glance and can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App store. 

How it works

Unlike other dog trakers, the Biotraka Aware is not limited to 1 signal type or telco, meaning your device will pick up the strongest signal available at the time. This is how your device is able to provide accurate, real-time updates from anywhere in Australia or from 175 countries around the world.

More than just a dog locator

Get organised

Set reminders for appointments, medication or playdates 

Track activity

Track your pet’s activity daily or weekly down to the hour

Be Aware. Download the app today.