Thinking of getting a new dog – why not get a mature dog

There is a lot to be said about bypassing the puppy when looking for a new man’s best friend, a mature dog. Sure puppies are cute but you need to train them, there is the chewing, the destruction, here are eight reasons why a mature dog could be the dog for you.

  1. Well-mannered – Mature dogs generally are trained.
  2. You know how they are with kids – you can ascertain before you take your new friend home if he or she will get on with your kids.
  3. Mature dogs sleep better-  Mature dogs will sleep through most things, allowing you to get the rest you need.
  4. Enjoy those blissful moments together – A mature dog has no problem sitting with you or going for a walk, while taking in the surroundings; watching the action, sniffing the breeze and just enjoying being alive.
  5. Loyal – As a dog matures, loyalty increases. Mature dogs will stay with you no matter what.
  6. Personality – less energy and  a bit slower allows a mature dogs personality shine.
  7. Ageing gracefully – we all know how distinguished a little grey can look.
  8. Cuddling – mature dogs know where it is at when it comes to cuddles

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