The best pet-friendly fitness classes

Refine your downward dog with your dog at these classes

K9 Fit Club’s Boot Camp
K9 Fit Club was named one of the Top 5 Most Innovative Pet Care Companies in the Nation. K9 boot camp classes are taught by fitness and animal trainers with dogs used to assist their owners throughout: small dogs are used for bicep curls, or place your larger dog’s paws on your knees during a wall squat. The 55-minute classes put your strength and agility to the test and promise a heart-pumping workout for you and your dog—not to mention quality time together. $15 per class; multiple locations across the US with new locations regularly added. Check the website for updates.

Thank Dog Bootcamp
Thank Dog Bootcamp combines fitness and obedience training for you and your dog. Run by one personal trainer and one physically-fit dog trainer, the course begins with a dog/owner consultation and obedience lesson before starting the 6-week program. This is to ensure that dogs are familiar with their basic commands so the workout will go smoothly. Each class will be one-hour long and will be a mix of cardiovascular training, obedience training and strength training. Dogs will be on-leash throughout the entire class and learn to respond to their own class-taught commands. $50 mandatory consultation; $20 per class with discounts for bulk packages or $15 per class to “borrow” a dog; Los Angeles, California.

Doga with The Rancan Sisters
Doga is an outdoor yoga practice with your dog. Just like children, dogs want your attention and they know when you are distracted. What better way to reconnect with your pooch than attend a yoga class together. Dogs can suffer from anxiety, depression and stress and just like with humans, yoga can be used to calm and settle anxious pets. Register for a free Doga class with The Rancan Sisters at Pets Day Out Mosman on August 26, 2018 at 10.30am. Sydney, Australia.

Leash Your Fitness Butts and Guts With Your Mutts
This hour-long class is taught by a certified fitness instructor, and emphasizes fitness for people but also promises to mentally and physically exhaust your dog. Dawn Celapino founded Leash Your Fitness in 2009 which has evolved from one class a week to daily classes and other outdoor adventures. $20 per class with discounts for bulk packages; San Diego, California.

Go Fetch Run Cross Training
If you’re bored with your regular dog run, your pup probably is, too. Go Fetch Run Cross Training classes combine cardio, strength training, agility, core work, and an obstacle course that will challenge both owner and pooch. $5 first timer class; Brooklyn, New York.

Feet & Paws

Tracy James wanted to spend more time with her dog and at the same time, she was in training for marathons. “My favorite part about participating in a race was not crossing the finish line but training with my best buddy,” she says. “Berlin [my dog] and I have even walked and ran in several 5Ks and 10Ks together,” says James. It was only natural then, that James went on to gain her certification in dog training fitness and now combines both her skills at Feet & Paws which offers both fitness and dog training classes. Classes from $15; Santa Monica.


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