Press Release: Pet owners, imagine using tracker technology to nurture your pets!

Pet owners, imagine using tracker technology to nurture your pets!

As pet owners are spending more money on their companion animals and embracing a modern lifestyle, they are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of pet wearable technology and its connection to animal health, safety and fitness¹.

Biotraka is a new player in the pet wearables market, with features like no other competitor in the range. It boasts a combination of three different geolocation technologies to monitor animals’ whereabouts, has the longest battery life and is built to survive you and your pet’s lifestyle!

“Studies show that people are increasingly aware of the health benefits of pet ownership and are therefore more likely to take action to improve their pet’s health²,” says Chris Dafel, CEO of Biotraka. “Biotraka looks after your pet, providing you a constant source of knowledge to allow you to nurture your furry member of the family.”

Through its Activity Insight, Biotraka closely monitors your pet’s health by searching for tell-tale changes in behaviour that point to illness.

“Exercise is equally important to your pet’s physical and mental health as it is yours. Biotraka monitors and compares your pet’s activity levels over different time periods,” said Mr Dafel.

Biotraka’s unique combination of three geolocation technologies involves GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, which gives you the best coverage available to monitor your pet’s location anywhere and anytime. The device connects seamlessly in more than 175 countries and roams across mobile network providers to ensure you get the best coverage possible.

“If your dog is an escape artist, Biotraka will also alert you on your phone when he leaves the ‘Safe Zone’ that you can set around your house and you can activate the lost light to assist recovery,” said Mr Dafel.

Through Calendar Alerts, you can set and receive notifications for your next vet appointment, monthly preventative treatments or daily medications.

“Biotraka’s device is robust and built to like water as much as your pet does. It also has the longest battery life available, so it can look after you rather than you needing to look after it,” he added.

You can use your pet’s favourite collar with Biotraka’s universal mounting silicone sleeve made from inert silicone, which won’t irritate your pet’s skin, is tough and UV resistant.

Using Biotraka’s APP (available from August 4) for Apple and Android smartphones, you can check out and compare activity levels, look up where your pet is and – unlike no other competitor in this range – it is waterproof, so you and your pet can enjoy all your favourite activities!

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