Safe Zones

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Setup your pets Safe Zones and if your pet’s location is outside of their Safe Zone your Biotraka Aware will send a notification straight to your phone.

How does it work?

Through the app, you are able to set up a safe zone to cover an area between 50m-5km. When the GPS system in your Biotraka receives a signal from outside of this area a notification is sent to your phone alerting you to this.

Set your Safe Zone

In your Biotraka App, you can choose to set up as many Safe Zones as you need. Simply choose the location &  size of your safe zone, pick a nickname for your Safe Zone(s) and your done!

Choose your refresh rate

Your GPS refresh rate dictates how frequently your Biotrakas location is confirmed via GPS. This can be set between 5mins-60mins through the “Device Settings” menu in your app.

Get Notified

Once your Biotraka is detected outside of the safe zone a notification will be sent to your phone. You will continue to get these notifications until your pet is back in the safe zone.

Allow Notifications

In order to send you notifications, you will need to allow Biotraka to send you notifications through your phone’s settings.

How to do this varies from phone to phone but can usually be found under:


You will also need to turn on notifications within the Biotraka App under the Device Settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see my pet walking around outside of the Safe Zone?

The Biotraka Aware checks your pet’s location via GPS every 5-60 mins depending on your GPS refresh rate, which can be found under the device settings menu in the app.

When this happens it takes a snapshot of your pets locations and displays this on the Location page of your app. If this happens to fall outside of your Safe Zone you will be notified.

This location information is real time but it is not live, meaning you cannot watch your dog move across the map. To get an update you will need to wait for the next GPS reading or you can request an update by selecting the refresh button on the top right-hand corner of the Location page in your app.

Can I set up multiple Safe Zones?

Yes! You can set up as many safe zones as you like.

Once you have chosen the location and size of your safe zone you are able to choose a nickname to make keeping track of them all simple.

How big can I make the Safe Zone?

The Biotraka App will allow you to set the radius of your Safe Zone from 50m-5km.

We recommend keeping your safe zone as small as possible so you receive notifications as soon as your pet leaves this area.

Why is only GPS used for the Safe Zones?

Even though the Biotraka Aware is able to pick up signals from WIFI, LBS and GPS only the GPS signal is used for sending Safe Zone notifications.

This is because GPS signals are accurate to within 10-20 meters whilst WIFI and LBS can range from 200m-1km. GPS signals are also the least likely to be affected by environmental factors like bad weather or blackouts.

How does the GPS refresh rate effect my Safe Zone?

Since your Safe Zones rely on GPS to trigger notifications, how frequently your device is receiving those updates will impact how quickly you’re notified.

ie. If your GPS refresh rate is set to 5 mins, you will be notified within 5 mins if your pet leaves the safe zone.

Please note, increasing your GPS refresh rate will impact the battery life of your device.

Safe Zones are intended to supplement, not replace adequate fencing or supervision for your pet.